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This website outlines the exact method used in this Bloomberg Business article, where Bill Benter made $1 Billion on horse racing! Details below! Buy the books I linked below on Amazon to get started!

***Below in the Posts and Summary section is all you need to beat the races. Buy the books, calculate your probabilities of winning, use the Kelly Criteria app to calculate edge and ideal bet amount, and place your bet via one of the three electronic methods I listed!

Download the "Kelly Criterion" app on the App Store, this will provide you with the method to compute your betting edge and optimal bet amount

These are the winning probabilities for the Equibase "Class" and "Speed" Rankings for Claiming Races:

Rank - Win % - Minimum Odds to Bet
1 - 29% - 3.48-1
2 - 26% - 3.88-1
3 - 15% - 6.37-1
4 - 13% - 7.77-1
5 - 7% - 14.39-1
6 - 5% - 19.19-1
7 - 3% - 33.67-1
8 - 2% - 50.50-1

Be a part of The Jockey Project

Use the “Beat the Dealer” blackjack method to win $ at Horse Racing without ever visiting the track 🐎

This is the “Golden Age” of sports betting, especially Horse Racing. The sheer amount and quality of cheap data available combined with real-time betting apps means that you can make hundreds – if not thousands - of dollars a year, without ever visiting a track! 

The races can be beat - Bill Benter did it in Hong Kong.  Benter was a Las Vegas blackjack card counter, who used the same principles to beat the horse races. You can do the same - he even published a scientific paper on how to do it! (I put the links to the “advanced” books above in a post) 

Benter used a 3-prong method - estimating the probability of each horse winning, using Kelly betting Criteria, and placing bets via a real-time electronic betting mechanism to place bets right before the race at optimal odds. You can do the same!  

So how do you start?  First, purchase these 3 books from Amazon, and for under $100 you can have all the information you need to beat the races (links above in a post!)
  • The Skeptical Handicapper ($40)
  • Picking Winners ($15)
  • Exotic Betting ($40)

Second, download any real time betting service like NYRA bets or rebates sites.
  • XpressBet
  • BetOnline (high rebates!)
  • NYRA Bets
(Always be responsible!

Third, subscribe to a data service such as Equibase, Trackform, or Daily Racing Form. 

Your method will be simple - you’re not trying to pick the winning horse every race, because you can’t - even the public is right only 30% of the time. Your goal is to determine the accurate probability % of a horse winning, and determine the ideal bet using the Kelly criteria (which you can find in the App Store). 

Use your data services to determine probability. Here is an example of how I used Class Ranking from Equibase for Claiming races, as an example.  The rank of “Class” will correspond to a winning probability % and minimum odds to bet (see post above)

You then compare the real-time final odds against the probability you determined in the Kelly Criteria app. 

Finally, if you have an edge, bet. If not, don’t. It’s as simple as that. 

Here’s an example from the Turf Paradise track, on February 5th 2019.   

In race #7, Horse #3 Jomelo went off at 7-1 odds.  The results chart is below: 

Using the Kelly Criteria app, I bet $100 on this horse using a $1,000 Bankroll.  WIN brings me a $700 payout and a $600 profit!

I finalized my probability analysis and strategy earlier this year, and have made thousands already in the first half of 2019. I am on track to make over $100,000 this year alone. So why am I telling you this? The total “handle” (or total amount bet by the public) determines the amount anyone can win, so the more betting that happens, the more I or anyone else can win, even using the same strategy and especially with rebates! 

It’s easy to learn the basics of horse racing, just buy these 3 books above from amazon. Then determine the probability (you can even use the morning line!) and place your bets with a real time app. You may very well make a million dollars with ever visiting a racetrack! 

Good luck! 

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